How Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems works

MLG uses special gem beamers or light projectors which enhance the orderliness and nourishing qualities of precious stones.
When suitable light shines through a gemstones such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Blue Sappires and Yellow Sapphires, its molecular characteristics and healing properties get imprinted in the specific frequencies (spectrum) of the transmitted light, and then transferred to the body—enlivening the body’s innate intelligence and restoring balance and health to the physiology.
MLG gently nourishes the finer aspects of physiological functioning associated with the body’s nerve centers.

The specific molecular composition and orderly crystalline structure of these gemstones endow them with balancing and healing effects. The vibrations and information that is carried out by the light, awakens and resonates with the body’s own natural internal healing power.

This stimulates the self-healing, cleanses and harmonizes the subtle levels of the body in a very pleasant and gentle way.
The treatments are non-invasive, deeply relaxing and enjoyable, and can produce blissful experiences.