Dr. Robert Schneider, USA, talking about his own experiences and those of his patients:

Dr. Gerritt Gerrittsma, Netherlands, talking about his own experiences and those of his patients:

Other Testimonials:

“Ever since a car ran over me when I was three years old, I’ve lived with constant pain and pressure in the back of my neck. As a result, I’ve been on a lifelong quest for relief—consulting legions of chiropractors, massage therapists, and others. But nothing worked. About a week ago I came out of a session (of MLG) feeling almost no discomfort in the back of my neck. I knew I’d felt very subtle that time, and I quietly waited for the inevitable. But the pain didn’t return. My neck isn’t perfect, but the difference is profound. The amazing thing is that during the session I didn’t feel anything extraordinary in my physiology. There were no sensations or movements of any sort. Yet somehow relief came to me, without my even asking.”
Jim Fairchild, USA

“The feeling of nourishment and balance coupled with calmness and clarity have continued, In addition to becoming more aware, open, and clear, I realize that even in very difficult situations that could have made me doubt and tremble, I have remained calm like the pearl at the bottom of the ocean.”
Adile Esen from Turkey

“The feeling in my body became more and more coherent, as I bathed in the light from the gems, and I became more and more aware of a pure field of light within and without.”

“Following the treatment, I felt physically stronger, more coordinated, and more invincible. I felt my energy level was somehow infinite since I felt I was in contact with a field of infinite energy within, an infinite power source.”

“Some blockage of energy and imbalance that I have been aware of in my throat for many years has suddenly gone and has not returned. I feel much clearer and freer.”

“This was a very profound experience, and showed me just how powerful Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems can be.”

“It was like bathing in a bath of light, my body felt very nourished.”